What you send out, comes back

Many years ago, a guy from my network, send me a very unfriendly e-mail. He and I had a different view on how to network and that is of course okay and I respect that. The interesting thing was that the guy wrote to me in a very arrogant and extremely impolite way. Today I just read in a book by Inge Corell: “ It’s not what you say but how you say it” – so true. I really got a bit of a surprise. Now maybe 6 years later he writes to me and asks for feedback on a survey he is making.

Am I open to help him? Of course not. Not that I won’t be kind to him if I meet him again, but I have no interest in helping the guy. So the lesson is again and again. Be conscious of how you treat and speak to other people.  What you send out, comes back – in one or the other way.